Research and Internships


I interned at the adtech startup TripleLift as a Full Stack Web Developer. I had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects during my time at TripleLift.

One of the main projects I worked on involved writing an algorithm in PHP that dynamically calculated how often we should use a tracking company's software on each advertisement placement, based on the placement's historical performance. This allowed TripleLift to more efficiently analyze placement performance in a more cost-effective way.

I also created and improved a few internal tools (Chrome extensions and PHP tools) that optimized processes for both the Engineering and Business Development teams. In working on these tools, I worked with AJAX requests and made my own contributions to the TripleLift API.

I had the opportunity to work with MySQL and Redshift (Postgres). I worked on a job that migrated our databases to Salesforce, changing it from MySQL to Redshift. I regularly used both databases to generate reports for the Sales and Business Development teams.


I worked at the physiological startup PhysIQ as a Software Development Intern. The first project I worked on was to clean up the documentation and write a user guide for the Java SDK. In the process, I was able to help find and address some bugs in the API.

I was also in charge of managing the remote mobile devices using VMware's AirWatch. I setup the remote management software and remotely troubleshooted and debugged patients' mobile devices. This process also involved communicating with AirWatch engineers to develop the features we needed. Unfortunately, AirWatch did not fit our needs and I was able to advise PhysIQ to transition to another service that did fit our needs.

CT-STEM Northwestern University

I worked as a research and coding assistant in the Computational Thinking in STEM (CT-STEM) research group at Northwestern University. The goal of the research group was to develop curriculum that challenged high school students to develop programming and coding skills, while learning to think more computationally.

As a coding assistant, I created my own model of the spread of vector-borne diseases in NetLogo, an agent-based modeling language. I also maintained existing models, tailoring them to the specific needs of certain programs as well as debugging models. I helped develop curriculum in the block-based programming language Blockly.

As a research assistant, I helped assess and analyze assessment results to determine the effectiveness of various curriculum. I also contributed to the creation and refinement of these student assessments and curriculum.