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Who Am I?

Go Cats

My name is Kevin and I am a senior studying Computer Science at Northwestern University. I'm interested in software engineering and development roles and I am looking for opportunities that challenge me and reflect my values.

My Values

  • Be curious: you never know what's at the end of the rabbit hole
  • Keep growing: whether it's intellectually, physically, or spiritually, I want to constantly be better, by gaining new experiences and refining existing skills
  • Take pride: always be able to say "I did that and I put my best effort into it"
  • Build bridges: life is not a solitary journey, many of our best experiences are shared
  • Do good: have a positive impact amongst my peers, my community, and the world

Fun Facts

I love to be outdoors. I grew up in Seattle, where I was lucky enough to have hiking and skiing right in my backyard. Otherwise, I'm up for whatever pickup sport, soccer, basketball, volleyball, you name it and I'm in. I also enjoy rooting for my favorite Seattle and Northwestern sports teams.

When the weather's not stellar, I like to play video games such as FIFA or Super Smash Bros. I also enjoy reading investigative articles online and watching TV. My two favorite ongoing shows right now are House of Cards and Suits.